APA Creates the "Double"

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Book about events from 2017 presented

In football, the "double" is known to be the repetition or doubling of a particular title. We, on the other hand, make doubling from 365 days a year to 730 event days. Sounds somewhat presumptuous, but it does correspond to reality.

The presented yearbook 2017 shows over 100 pages a selection of special events that we were able to equip last year.

This is only possible with highly motivated employees, concentrated project managers, a team that enjoys their work and customers who trust our capabilities. We also want to make 2018 a successful year in which many exciting and extraordinary events are announced - such as the World Cup in Russia or the Winter Olympics in South Korea. Not to mention the European Athletics Championships in our own country, which we have the honor of equipping as signatories for signage & branding.

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