Designhotel Roomers now in Munich

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What a fulminant party! More than 1000 guests were together with APA on 12h October, when Munich's new hotel hotspot opened. Boris Becker came with his wife Lilly extra from London. Franjo Pooth, Nastassja Kinski, Erol Sander and Giulia Siegel, to name but a few, gave themselves a tavern in addition to Munich's chic. The entrepreneurs and hotel operators Micky Rosen and Alex Ursenau had already opened a Roomers in Frankfurt with great success, just like in 2016 in Baden Baden. A super lifestyle concept is the same thing and with the commitment of Bardia Torabi, the hoteliers could oblige a general manager of the extra class. APA, as so often, had the honor to provide the necessary signage and branding, so that the red carpet photos could also be successfully passed through the world despite flashing lightning storms.