DFB Bundestag 2013 in Nuremberg

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The 41st DFB Bundestag took place on 24th and 25th October 2013 in Nuremberg in the  Nuremberg Exhibition Centre. It is organised on a rotating basis by the members of the South German Football Association. In addition to the cream of the DFB, other renowned guests were in attendance, such as IOC President Dr. Thomas Bach and UEFA President Michel François Platini. The location offered many opportunities for professional and CI-oriented branding by the Rhineland Palatinate implementation team. The APA transformed the entrance with a 130 m² window cling over the huge main entrance. The effect was completed with a sea of flags, and the lift system in the entrance area. Other highlights were offered by football field branding, eye-catching escalator handrail design, intricate DFB themed displays, a new image campaign and large stage backdrops. In addition, the guidance system, ballot boxes, lecterns and counter branding were all decked out in the Bundestag CI. The main challenge was the short turnaround time for installation. In order to be able to act with maximum flexibility, the APA team was equipped with a mobile digital printing unit on board. It was a great success.