Festival of World Champions in Düsseldorf

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Three world titles ('54, '74, '90) and with them, the three greatest successes of German football, as well as the 60th anniversary of the “Miracle of Bern” and the 40th anniversary of “Gerd Müller's 2-1 win over the Netherlands”: these were the inspiration for the DFB's decision to celebrate its champions with a gala. On 31st May, the DFB hosted the “Festival of World Champions” at the Hotel Interconti in Düsseldorf. Held the day before the match against Cameroon in Mönchengladbach, the guest list featured prominent names from the worlds of politics, business and high society. APA was responsible for the branding of the event. Elaborate installations,such as the full foiling of the entrance portal in white and gold (more than 100 m²), several large-scale truss-system stage backdrops, attractive column cladding, and high-quality acrylic signature boards were just part of the set-up. To ensure guests could find their way around the site, the APA service team naturally installed a signposting system, consisting of information stands and signage. Various APA frames with high-quality printing, and lectern signs were also used to deck out the festivities in fitting style. So the scene was set for an evening to remember, with many emotional moments, meetings of old and new friends, and memories relived.