„Farbenspiel-Tournee“ supported by APA

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24 concerts in 5 countries. Neutralisation, interior branding and advertising materials.

Helene Fischer and APA. You might ask yourselves: how does this go together? The artist who is in the spotlight in almost every TV show and commercial spot in Germany and the advertising media specialist and large print producer from Neuwied that prefers to keep in the background.

This is what it all boils down to, actually. Helene Fischer delivers her show and APA takes care of all the background work to make sure that everything is looking perfect - a perfect synthesis.

With 24 concerts in 5 countries and an audience of more than 250,000 enthused fans, the "Farbenspiel" tour 2015 is one of the highlights of this concert year. From 26 June to 8 July 2015, APA was responsible for turning 14 stadiums and 1 hall into the perfect concert location. The production of the entire advertising media had to be finished after only 14 days. Additionally, a logistics concept had to be developed to ensure that the existing branding at all the tour stops could be neutralised, the new branding could be installed and the concerts went smoothly. After the concert, everything had to be demounted and brought to the next concert location. And all this with distances of up to 700 kilometres (Vienna – Berlin) and time spans of only 2 days.

Altogether a challenge that can only be mastered with a reliable partner. APA takes charge of all areas, from production to logistics through to mounting and demounting. 30 years of experience in the event business once again paid off.