DFB Integration Prize on March 4th, 2014

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The location for this year’s event was the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. This modern location has an exhibition space of 16,500 square meters and displays a total of 1,500 exhibits in rooms which are in part 33 meters wide without using internal supports but still carrying heavy buses and utility vehicles. It was fitted out by APA for the special event with various stage backdrops, APA walls in a curved shape, aluminium design displays and suspended plug-in cord-edge frames. This provided the framework for the event. There is no better way to express it than how patron Oliver Bierhoff himself did. Quote: “It’s as if football was created for integration: No matter where you come from, what language you speak or which religion you believe in - on the football field everyone pulls together and wants to win. The integrative power of football is unique and particularly helps children and youth from a migrant background to gain a foothold in the community. Therefore I am delighted by the joint campaign between DFB and Mercedes-Benz to award exemplary projects with the Integration Prize.