Welcoming "our" World Cup heroes in Berlin on July 15th, 2014

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Jogi's boys made it! With an outstanding 1:0 from Mario Götze, just before the end of the extension, the German team secured the World Cup title in the final. The APA team also extended themselves and prepared a **** worthy welcome for "our" World Cup heroes in Berlin. Days before the final we were already working with the DFB (German Football Association) and planning all the branding measures for welcoming back the national team in Berlin. From Tegel airport, to giant banners on facades and branding measures around Brandenburg Gate. The fan mile was put in the world championship spotlight. Setting up various large banners, stage cladding and neutralisation in a very short time is a great strength of APA, and it came into play here. There was only one day for the APA team to carry out this work before the World Cup heroes arrived back from Brazil and celebrated on the stage. It was a great honour for APA to be a part of it.