1. DFB Spielanalysekongress in Frankfurt

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DFB Academy presents new logo

229 participants from all over the world, coaches, scouts, business analysts, guests from Russia and Asia and curious people from other sports, rugby and basketball, for example - had come to the Hilton at Frankfurt Airport. The occasion was provided by the 1. Internationale Spielanalysekongress of the DFB Academy.

The Congress opened DFB Secretary General Dr. Friedrich Curtius, who said: "The new DFB should be a place of enthusiasm, ideas and encounters."

The content of the congress was opened by DFB chief scout Christofer Clemens and Dr. Ing. Stephan Nopp, the scientific speaker of the DFB sports director.

Incidentally, the profession of game analyst was invented in 1912 by a letter writer in the United States. He had threshed 1,000 balls with a baseball bat and written a long and clever letter to the editor. Since then a lot has happened. The Next Big Thing? Experts predict increasing data depth and live usage.

Oliver Bierhoff explained the idea for the new DFB Academy, which also presented its new logo on this occasion. "There is no gap between theory and practice, that's what the DFB Academy is about - the academy should bring together practice and theory. Science can make our coaches even better. "

APA had the honor not only to stage the new logo, but also to create the worthy setting for the 1. Internationale Spielanalysekongress. APA congratulates on this innovative and new congress format.